Institute for Inter-Cultural and European Studies

With us you can meet people from other European countries, learn their languages, talk with them, have a work-experience in Germany or France and most of all have fun!

We are an independently registered non profit, non-partisan, non-denominational organisation, based in Dresden, Germany. We are recognized as one of the central offices in Germany of the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO).

Our events / conferences / seminars / internships are organised in Germany, in cooperation with our partners in France and Poland, as well as various other European countries.

What do we offer? - Education in another light! - Ideas as an audible result of another mentality! - Themed projects - Words as a melodious messenger of other cultures! - Foreign language encounters in the summer - A mediator as an active engine in European unification! Please read more on the English version of our website and enjoy!

For all further information or questions about participation, our work or any project ideas please contact us: +49 351 2510604

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